"Great doctor, Great staff, very thorough and gentle. Great experience! Highly recommend!!" – Maggie Reynolds

“Because I get a lot of compliments about my smile” – Helen F.

“Amazing, courteous and professional staff.  Impeccable dental work” – Ryan M.

“Because your good” – Al H.

“Everyone is so nice” – Susan G.

“You do so much to keep my teeth nice. You always treat me well. Thanks” – Savannah Q.

“You guys are the best! Very caring and friendly!” – Tina C.

“It feels like one big happy family here” – Laurie F.

“You are so personal” – Christine D.

“Very caring, kind and understanding to scared patients like me” – Linda A.

“Very kind people, thorough cleaning and gentle” – Brain K.

“Because your awesome” – Vida S.

“My teeth have never felt healthier!” – Kate C.

“It is fun” – Gianna C.

“Everyone is wonderful in your office, we love you!” – Kara P.

“Because you care! Thank you” – Ralph H.

“Very caring and very professional in what they do” – Bettie W.

“There is no reason that I don’t love you guys!  You are the best!!” – Erin H.

“Because you clean my teeth and make them pretty” – Kayleigh P.

“Everyone is so nice and the office is really pretty” – Nicole G.

“Great Dentist and staff” – Jim M.

“Very nice people. Great experience when in office” – Justin C.

“Everyone is very sweet and professional” – Joanne H.

“Because you are simply the best” – Mihaela M.

“Wonderful staff and Doctor!” – Pat P.

“You do great work!” – Jenny B.

“Because you made John patient of the month” – Mary Lou D.

“You clean my teeth and you make my mouth feel healthy! Thanks!” – Aaron Q.

“Because my Mom works here” – Cody O.

“Everyone is nice, friendly and caring” – Laurie L.

“Because it is always a pleasure to come to the office” – Robyn M.

“Been coming for years love the atmosphere and staff. Doc is great too! Lol” – Patricia C.

“Because you take wonderful care of me and my smile!” – Joyce W.

“Because you’re awesome, very accommodating and pleasant” – Denise F.

“You are all so nice, welcoming and just wonderful!  It’s always a pleasure coming in.  Plus you make my teeth look wonderful” – Heather S.

“Because you fix teeth” - Aiden O.

"Skill as a Dentist.  All the latest equipment.  Very clean sterile office” – Nicholas R.

“Because you just make me want to smile so much more!” – John D.

“Wonderful office, staff and service” – Samantha K.

“Best Dentist around!”  - Kathryn K. 


"I would recommend this dentist to all of my friends and family. The doctor and her staff are excellent especially to people like me who dont like needles and pain. I was made to feel so comfortable that I did not feel a thing when I had my extractions and cleaning done. I now go with no fear at all." - Lucille S

"I highly recommend Signature Smiles! The staff are delightful. I felt so comfortable and most importantly my visit was pain free!"- Nikki

"I recently approached Dr. La Falce about using veneers to enhance my teeth and smile. Because it involved my front four teeth I understood how difficult the job may be. Dr. La Falce spent many, many hours working with me. She made me feel as if she was working on her own teeth. She has an enormous amount of patience. Prior to each step of the process she explained in detail the procedure. When the work was complete I was fully satisfied with her attention to every detail and her push for excellence. I would highly recommend Dr. La Falce to anyone looking for either a general dentist or someone requiring cosmetic work." - John 

"Due to my receding gums and subsequent gum surgery, Dr. La Falce suggested veneers on my upper front teeth. Veneers corrected the problem and returned my smile. I feel that all phases of the dental and gum treatment were comleted with great success and exceeded my expectations. The improvement even passed the most critical eye – my Mom’s!" - Rich

"I’ve been a patient of Signature Smiles since 2004 and I would not consider going anywhere else for my dental care. I have had many procedures, from cleanings to fillings to veneers. All were performed with great care and skill. Dr. La Falce and her staff are clearly the very best. They prove it every time I go there." - Devin

"As a performer, I am on stage or in front of a camera all of the time. My smile is a HUGE part of my profession. My veneers are so natural looking and undetectable that when I tell people I have them – they are blown away! Dr. La Falce and the staff of Signature Smiles have provided me with years of confidence and compliments on my teeth. Every visit has been pleasurable and the results are always exceptional…" - Pete

"It is my pleasure to tell you about my experience at Signature Smiles. For years, I was embarrassed about my crooked teeth. After consulting with my dentist, Carmela La Falce, I took her recommendation and went with the veneer procedure. The procedure went better than I’d expected. Dr. La Falce and her staff were wonderful. They made me feel so comfortable and assured me that my teeth would look beautiful when they were done. Which they do! Since then, all I get are compliments on my beautiful smile. People think they’re my own teeth. They are amazed when I tell them they’re veneers! I’ve never had any problems in all these years and they still look as great as they did when I got them. I highly recommend Signature Smiles for any dental needs…." - Alice

Carmela LaFalce, DMD
Dentist - Toms River
616 Washington St
Toms River, NJ 08753

CEREC - One Visit Dentistry
What is CEREC?
Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic or CEREC® for short is a new state-of-the-art method of reconstructing tooth restorations. CEREC® uses computer-assisted design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to offer single-day restorations for patients. This new technology has revolutionized ceramic restorations such as crowns and veneers for patients so that there is no longer a wait between preparing the restoration and finally receiving the finished product.

Read More About CEREC