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April 26, 2021
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Routine visits to your dentist are essential if you want to maintain your oral health. However, these signs might mean that you're due for another visit to your dentist. Dr. Carmela LaFalce, your Toms River, NJ, dentist at Signature Smiles, can help you catch your dental problems in the early stages for optimal oral health.

Swollen or Sore Gums

Red swollen gums are telltale signs of gum disease especially if your gums are prone to bleeding. Sometimes, you need only work on improving your oral hygiene for the infection to clear up.

However, if you have serious infections with significant tartar and plaque build-up, you would need Dr. LaFalce to provide extra treatment. She might need to go below the gum line to remove the accumulated plaque and bacteria.

You could lose your teeth, jaw bone, and develop gum abscess if you fail to treat gum disease on time.

Tooth Pain

Throbbing pain in your teeth can be a nightmarish experience. Tooth infection and decay are common causes of tooth pain. If you observe inflammation of your gums along with your toothache, you might have an infection at your tooth root. Neglecting an infection in your teeth and surrounding tissues could cause you to lose your teeth.

Other common causes of tooth pain are tooth fracture and abscess formation.

If you are in Toms River, NJ, and you would like to preserve your teeth, then you shouldn't hesitate to see your dentist at Signature Smiles when you have toothaches.

Canker Sores

Canker sores typically develop in your cheeks, tongue, gums, and roof of your mouth due to irritation such as biting. They tend to clear up on their own after a few days. However, if you have recurrent canker sores or sores that fail to heal after about a week, you might need to see your dentist.

White Spots

If you notice white spots on your gums, you might want to visit your dentist. Your white sores might be due to infections, canker sores, oral thrush, or leukoplakia. Your treatment would depend on your diagnosis.

Visiting your dentist at the first sign of trouble could save you from developing complications from dental issues. Schedule your appointment with your dentist, Dr. LaFalce of Signature Smiles, Toms River, NJ, by calling (732) 244-4114 when you notice these signs in your mouth.


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