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July 02, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Just like natural teeth, dental implant crowns occasionally require a few repairs to improve their function and appearance. Your Toms River, dental implantsNJ, dentist, Dr. Carmela LaFalce, offers crown repairs and other dental services essential for a strong, healthy smile.

When are repairs needed?

Damage to your crowns can affect your appearance and may make chewing more difficult. Although your dental implant crown is synthetic, many of the things that damage your teeth can also damage your crown.

Do you grind or clench your teeth while you sleep? Over time, the habit can crack or break both dental crowns and natural teeth. Frequent grinding or clenching can even loosen your implant, putting your new tooth at risk. Once your crown has been repaired or replaced, your Toms River dentist may recommend that you wear a nightguard to prevent further damage. Nightguards, plastic trays worn over the upper or lower teeth, absorb shock and protect your teeth from the extreme pressure generated by grinding or clenching.

Other potential causes of crown problems include:

  • Broken Abutment: The abutment is a tiny screw that connects your crown to your dental implant. A loose or damaged abutment can affect the stability of your crown.
  • Biting into Hard Foods and Objects: Your crown may be more likely to crack or fracture if you enjoy nuts or other hard foods. Do you often use your teeth to open bottles or packages? If you do, you may eventually notice that your crown has broken or loosened.
  • Faulty Crowns: Faulty crowns aren't common but can affect your ability to use your new tooth.
  • Trauma: Falls, blows to the face, and other accidents may damage your implant crown.

How are crown repairs performed?

The type of crown repair you need depends on the extent of the damage. If you've only chipped your crown, your Toms River dentist may be able to smooth the rough edges, improving the appearance of your tooth. Replacement may be the only option if your crown is cracked, broken or faulty. If a replacement is needed, your dentist will make an impression of your mouth and send it off to a dental laboratory. You'll wear a temporary crown until the replacement is ready in about two weeks. In some cases, it may also be necessary to replace your abutment.

Are you concerned about the condition of a dental implant crown? Call our Toms River, NJ, dentist, Dr. LaFalce, at (732) 244-4114 to schedule an appointment.


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